Alright guys! The time is here to start booking your family photos! The fall for us photographers gets pretty busy, between family photos and wedding season kicking back up. I’m giving you all the opportunity to book now so everyone has enough time to plan and get your photos back to you before the holidays!! So don’t be that last minute person! All the times and dates will be announced below in this post.

All sessions will be one hour in length, and at an outdoor location of your choosing. Don’t know where to go? Don’t worry, I will help you pick an outdoor location that I think would be best for your session.

Wardrobe help! Everyone has to look for their family photos. That’s where I come in. I will help guide you in the right direction to make sure that you are all set for your session and looking great. Limit to one outfit. Outfit changes can get time consuming, especially for groups of people. We want to make sure we utilize all your time for an opportunity for more memories captured. Can’t forget hair and makeup. Family photos are an investment to be shared and loved for years, we want to make sure you look and feel great throughout the whole session!


To book your desired time and date!:

Step One:

Email me at requesting the desired time and date listed. You MUST email! No text messages, or Facebook messages. If you know me, you know that I can get distracted VERY easily. I may or may not forget to text you back, but I’m always worried about my emails. So email only!! I will email you back letting you know if the date you want is still available. Then I will proceed with sending you the agreement to sign and the invoice to pay. You won’t be fully booked unless those two items have been completed. First come first serve!


Step Two:

Sign the contract and pay the invoice! You will have a day to do so, that way we can get you on the books and ready to go! Your session date and time will not be secure unless contract and invoice are signed. So make sure that you are 100% committed to me and these photos right before that first email! The FULL session amount will be due to book.

Once you are officially booked you will receive that Hip Hip Hooray! email, then we can get the planning process started for your family photos!


Here are the session date and times below. I will keep you all updated! Can’t wait to see who books with me this year!!


Oh…. good luck, and may the odds be ever, in your favor…. ūüėČ



Friday, September 1st – 4pm – $350

Saturday, September 2nd – 4pm – $400

Friday, September 15th – 4pm – $350

Saturday, September 16th – 4pm – $400

Thursday, September 21st – 4pm – $350

Friday, September 22nd – 4pm – $350

Saturday, September 23rd – 4pm – $400

Thursday, October 5th – 4pm – $350

Saturday, October 7th – 4pm – $400

Tuesday, October 17th – 4pm $350

Thursday, October 19th – 4pm $350

Friday, October 20th – 4pm – $350

Saturday, October 21st – 4pm – $400

Friday, November 10th – 2pm $350

Saturday, November 11th – 2pm $400

Tuesday, November 14th – 2pm $350

Thursday, November 16th – 2pm $350

Saturday, November 18th – 2pm $400


Hollllllly mollllllly. I really suck at this whole blogging thing. But can I be real for a minute? ….I am the WORST writer. I say I’m going to get a blog up and stare at the screen for minutes then give up and say I’ll just do it later. Then life happens and I don’t go back to the blog for DAYS on DAYS, so then nothing ever gets done. I have realized this year starting a new job and also juggling my photography business is a lot of work. Trying to get everything done in one day is nearly impossible. Making lists has become my best friend. But following through with those lists once I get home is something I’m still trying to keep up with…. I’m just lazy and all I want to do is go to bed whenever I get home hahahah…

ANYWAYS,…. enough about all of that. ¬†One day I will get my shit together until then let me continue to show you what I do best…. Take amazing photographs of people!:)



Like Emalee and AJ! ¬†I freaking adore these two. They told me over and over how they are going to be extremely awkward in front of the camera but I think they were liars because they acted so natural with me and I really got to see the love these two have for each other. When Emalee texted me after relieving her gallery and telling me how these are the most amazing photos she’s ever had of the two of them and how happy she was to have these pictures really made my heart melt. Those are the words you love as a photographer. This is why I do what I do…But this isn’t the first time I photographed Emalee and AJ. I did their engagements a few years back. Boyyyy have I made some major progress since then. Not that my work was terrible, it’s fun to see the progress you make as an artist throughout the years. And the fact that your clients stay with you along the journey is an amazing¬†feeling.


Now I’m going to stop talking because like I mentioned earlier this is the part I suck at. I’m just going to share some of my favorites with you!











Seriously…. I’m obsessed with her hair!!!

























I absolutely adore these two love birds. I had the pleasure of photographing Vicki and Jay’s cozy maternity session at Wetlands Park. ¬†Seeing these two outside of their work place was so much fun. They both work at Modern Nails in Las Vegas! If you are looking for a new nail technician, or salon to go to, you have now found it! They are the BEST. Plus, they are open late. That’s how they won me over. Every time I go and get my monthly gel manicure, yes monthly when I text Jay last minute freaking out before I end up breaking a nail, I’m always so obsessed with how ¬†cute these two are together. Jay talks about Vicki so much I get so excited for the both of them, I’ve been waiting for the day that they’d ask me to take some type of photos for them. When I found out that they were welcoming a little baby girl I just had to get them in front of my lens! It worked. And, they’re adorable. Just like their new little bundle of joy that came not to long after their maternity session!



















Oh how it’s been a mighty long time since I last logged into this blog of mine. Life really gets in the way, I’m sure I say that in every beginning of a blog post too. But honestly, working a full time job and trying to juggle running a business and having some what of a life is kinda hard. I can’t go anywhere without my planner. I’m super old school and have to write things down and see it written out on a calendar instead of using this smart handy Apple iPhone that I have…why do I pay hundreds for this thing again? Just kidding I will never trade that in for anything else. ¬†I have to make a list everyday and cross things off when they’re finished so I feel like I accomplished something. All I want to do is photograph pretty people all day long, and maybe finish reading another book. So today I’m home knocking out my to do list and finally getting a blog post up without procrastinating to much on it.

Back in January I had the opportunity to put this shoot together with these lovely friends of mine. Jessica and Blaine headed out to the desert with me to explore someplace new and be my lovely models. I have to say I used to HATE this Las Vegas desert. As a photographer I have learned to see the beauty in it and come to love it so much. I used to be jealous of all the photographers who lived in these pretty GREEN places. Now I rather have the desert over anything else. Along with my favorite subjects to shoot! Couples!! I could have stayed all day and night out in the desert with these two.






















I suppose it’s time for a new blog post finally. I wanted to show the world Emily and Brian’s awesome engagement session that we did back in September. These two crushed it!¬†Now hopefully I don’t get distracted as I’m sitting here watching Mean Girls and this post actually gets published within a timely manner.

I can’t wait for their wedding in March! Watching these two laugh and have a good time with each other during their engagement session was so adorable to watch. Capturing those real smiles is what I love¬†the most.