I suppose it’s time for a new blog post finally. I wanted to show the world Emily and Brian’s awesome engagement session that we did back in September. These two crushed it! Now hopefully I don’t get distracted as I’m sitting here watching Mean Girls and this post actually gets published within a timely manner.

I can’t wait for their wedding in March! Watching these two laugh and have a good time with each other during their engagement session was so adorable to watch. Capturing those real smiles is what I love the most.




















Baby Ali is one!! I love this sweet family of three. Now this post may be a little over due but traveling to Europe had be back track my blogging schedule. But of course it MUST still go up!! How can it not though? Because these photos are absolutely adorable. And yes to answer all those questions I know I will be getting about Europe.. there WILL be a blog post about that up soon as well! Ali turned one in August and we overcame the hot Vegas heat to make these photos happen just in time for her! I love all the times I get to spend with my sweet families and couples with my camera in hand! Enjoy, xo L.


























Of course couldn’t leave without snagging a few of just mom and dad:)




Oh, the Browns. I’m obsessed with every single image from my sweet session with this family of 4. I met Peyton years ago when we worked together and I have photographed her several times. She has been such an amazing friend to help me out when I needed models for school projects. She always nailed the look I need and was always down for any adventure. Thank you for also being down for this hot end of Spring session with me! Not only just you this time, but I finally got to meet the rest of your adorable family!! Im now obsessed with twins!!! Haha seriously. These two sweet little souls were commenting eat other as mom was putting their bows in their hair, “you are so beautiful” but of course in a sweet 5 year old voice. My heart melted at the cutest. Compliment after compliment from each of them. I never had the chance to photograph twins before until now and I think I need more of them in my life. So if you have twins, please, contact me lets shoot haha!

The bugs and the heat may have been an annoyance, but capturing the real raw moments of them being a family was sure perfection.


I am now scheduling for the rest of September – November.























Blanket: The Wander Series

Dress: Anthropologie


I think I have died and gone to flower heaven. Seriously, these florals by City Blossoms LV got me swooning the moment that I picked them up for this amazing shoot!! They nailed every detail that I wanted in the florals for this styled shoot. From the pink peonies to that amazing succulent boutonniere! But we can’t forget that adorable flower crown, it’s my first session with one and I just had to say yes, No shame. lol. As a creative I think it is extremely important to continue to do things for yourself. Set up a self project and step outside your comfort zone. Wether you are a photographer, a painter, a calligrapher, whatever… do something for yourself every now and then to keep those creative juices flowing. It’s also practice! Practice makes perfect and I do believe that it is extremely important to do things to better your craft!! Since relaunching my website this year and really narrowing down my branding I wanted to do a bridal shoot. Including the amazing colors of that bouquet that match my branding, and of course in the wonderful Las Vegas desert. Where else would I be going, really. Thanks to the beauties who helped along with the hair and makeup, and my wonderful models. We made one heck of a team and I can’t wait to plan something else soon!


Florals by City Blossoms LV

Hair by Valarie Phillips

Makeup by Samantha F. with Amelia C & Co.






















I met Edith on another one of my clients graduation sessions. I bonded with all of them so quickly during their shoot I felt like it was one huge laughing fest and not really a portrait session. After Edith had told me that she may be interested in doing a portrait session for her Graduation but she wasn’t quite sure. A few weeks later I’m so glad she changed her mind and decided to do it because our session was such a blast and her images are gorgeous! From her first email to her session, she was always so sweet, so prompt, and extremely understanding while scheduling. I knew that when her day came for her portraits, that it was going to be a breeze. We bonded quickly and this girl did great in front of my lens! She brought her younger brother Max along, because he’s graduating too! Max was also an amazing sport for pictures with his big sister! How awesome is it that they graduated the same weekend? Capturing the brother sister friendship was so much fun. Edith graduated this Spring with her Master in Science in Occupational Therapy from Touro University.. way to go girl!!! Before that she was at UNLV for 4 years. Max graduated from UNLV and was  majoring in Music Education. This guy is always involved with something musical, Edith told me in our emails that he has had several cruise contracts, traveling to different locations playing with a band. How awesome is that? Whatever you decide to do next Max, I hope you have a blast!!

These two killed their session, and embraced the spring time bugs with me at Wetlands Park. I may have gotten bit by numbers little bugs during our session but I think the outcome was way worth it! Also, photographer FYI, don’t wear sweet smelling lotions on session days. Fail on my part.