We met in 6th grade. I will always remember her short hair and that constant smile on her face. We became instant friends. Both obsessed with Good Charlotte, and those picture places at the mall. (p.s. I still have those photos). You got me to like wearing my hair down, btw- thank you for showing […]

There’s always that one friend that sticks around through thick and thin, has your back no matter what, and may even get matching tattoos with you. Sarah + Tara are those kind of best friends. Spending just a few hours with them you can tell thats the type of friendship they have. Everyone needs a […]

From photographing their engagements back in 2013, their wedding in 2014, and now their maternity in 2015 I’m blessed to have clients that I am growing with, as they grow! This maternity session was so amazing. That desert light peaking through the trees was so magical! I can’t wait to meet little miss Sawyer when […]


Dear Grandma, It doesn’t feel like it’s been a year already since you’ve been gone. I feel like it was just yesterday I had a conversation with you and was holding your hand. It’s not the same without you. There’s so many things I wish I can run up to your house and tell you […]

It’s my favorite time of the year, October I’m so glad you’re here! Although it is still 100 degrees outside, this is my favorite month out of the whole year. I love the transition from Summer to Fall. Yeah, it’s Vegas and theres not much that changes right now, but I’m excited to know that […]


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