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2019 Fall Family Photo Availability Announcement!


August 1, 2019

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Lianna Marie Photography specializes in portrait photography, fine-art wedding photography, and film wedding photography for couples hosting experience-rich celebrations at luxury venues in Las Vegas, Southern California, and beyond.

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I can’t believe that this time of year is already approaching! It’s already August!!! I know the last thing you are probably thinking about right now is your family photos and getting ready to send your kids back to school…BUT it’s time to plan so you aren’t that family left behind! Plus… in the fall wedding season starts up again and it’s a busy busy time!!

I am going to keep this process easy for both you and myself when it comes to scheduling! The dates will be below for you to check out and see what works for your family’s schedule. As you will see weekend days are limited, those are usually what will go first! So don’t sleep on your desired date, this is how we schedule…

Email me directly ( with the date you are wanting to book. I will be emailing you back letting you know if it’s still available and then proceed with sending you the invoice and contract. You will have to pay the invoice within 24 hours or it will be put back out there for someone else to grab. Your session is not fully booked until the invoice is paid and the contract is signed. So make sure you are 100% ready to book that date!

Here is the schedule! :

Saturday, August 10th – 6pm – $575, California

Sunday, August 11th – 6pm – $575, California

Monday, August 12th – 6pm – $450, California

Tuesday, August 13th – 6pm – $450, California

Monday, September 16th – 5pm – $450

Wednesday, September 18th – 5pm – $450

Thursday, September 19th – 5pm – $450

Friday, September 20th – 5pm – $450

Saturday, September 21st – 5pm – $575

Monday, September 23rd – 5pm – $450

Wednesday, September 25th – 5pm – $450

Thursday, September 26th – 5pm – $450

Friday, September 27th – 5pm – $450

Wednesday, October 2nd – 4pm – $450

Thursday, October 3rd – 4pm – $450

Friday, October 4th – 4pm – $450

Friday, October 11th – 4pm – $450

Monday, October 14th – 4pm – $450

Wednesday, October 16th – 4pm – $450

Thursday, October 17th – 4pm – $450

Monday, October 21st – 4pm – $450

Wednesday, October 23rd – 4pm – $450

Friday, November 1st – 3pm – $450

Friday, November 15th – 2pm – $450

Monday, November 18th – 2pm – $450

Wednesday, November 20th – 2pm – $450

Thursday, November 21st – 2pm – $450

What do we wear?

I always tell my clients… don’t match but wear complimenting colors! Neutrals are always the best for every location of your choosing. You won’t clash with your location and they will be beautiful on your walls even after the holidays. I love to help my clients by offering style advice for their session as well. So we will get a little more in depth and I will share a Pinterest board with you for inspiration!

What is included?

You will receive a one hour session at a location of our choosing. An online gallery that you will have for years(!), plus 50-80 high resolution images.

Where will the locations be?

Once you are fully booked with me we will start to discuss locations! I will send you a little questionnaire to get to know what you want and send you my PDF guide on locations.

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The Wedding timeline

Download our free wedding day sample timeline!