Oh my dear friend! Your style is just adorable. I am loving all the boho fashion that has been coming my way this spring! What better way to spend your birthday than a early morning sunrise portrait session with me!! I think both of us were too excited we barely slept. Once my alarm hit […]

It’s about darn time that I get this blog post up! I know I’m a slacker when it comes to my blog lately, and I’m sure I say this every blog post. Maybe by 2017 I will get my sh@$ together and blog more than once a month or so. lol until then I’m going […]

Little miss Kenzie Ann was born February 18th 2016. I was hoping she would come on my birthday but you know she didn’t feel like being evicted from her mommy’s belly that day apparently. It’s cool though. She shares a birthday with her cousin! February, you are a popular one. Kenzie is my sweet new […]

Working with other creatives is something I have been absolutely loving this year. If I didn’t sign up for Shoot and Share last year I don’t really know where I would be at right now. The next day after I signed up there was a Shoot and Share meeting and I got invited last minute […]

Since Madison has always wanted to do a photoshoot and try the model experience┬áhaving her photos taken, it was only necessary that we get her in front of the camera and take some photos! Her style is amazing, I definitely wouldn’t mind shopping in her closet myself. That’s what made me so excited to work […]

It feels like it has been forever since I have put up a blog post for you all! Forever, to long. After finishing up school and the Holidays showing up right after, I decided to give myself a well deserved break. I wanted to enjoy the Holidays and spend time with the people I love […]


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