Working with other creatives is something I have been absolutely loving this year. If I didn’t sign up for Shoot and Share last year I don’t really know where I would be at right now. The next day after I signed up there was a Shoot and Share meeting and I got invited last minute […]

Since Madison has always wanted to do a photoshoot and try the model experience┬áhaving her photos taken, it was only necessary that we get her in front of the camera and take some photos! Her style is amazing, I definitely wouldn’t mind shopping in her closet myself. That’s what made me so excited to work […]

Is this year really coming to an end already? Holy, moly. I ended my photo year on a great note, and with some free time to spare. For December I wanted to make it a priority to spend time getting school work finished, all photos edited, and time to actually buy christmas presents this year. […]

This little family is so sweet! This is the first time photographing the Humphries family. Kaitlyn reached out to me a few months ago about setting up family photos for her parents. They haven’t had photos done for a while and what better gift than a family session for your parents? I just love it. […]

Another year older! Lleyton is 6! I met Lleyton and Erica last year for the first time. I got to photograph him for his 5th birthday! I’m so happy that I got to see them again this year. These two are the cutest mother + son duo I have ever seen. Lleyton really loves his […]

I had the pleasure of photographing the Martinez kids for the first time! The three of them are hilarious together, even though I know the boys didn’t care to much to have their photos taken I think we all made a great team! How great are their fall outfits? I love the colors! It worked […]


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