I met Edith on another one of my clients graduation sessions. I bonded with all of them so quickly during their shoot I felt like it was one huge laughing fest and not really a portrait session. After Edith had told me that she may be interested in doing a portrait session for her Graduation […]

Since Madison has always wanted to do a photoshoot and try the model experience┬áhaving her photos taken, it was only necessary that we get her in front of the camera and take some photos! Her style is amazing, I definitely wouldn’t mind shopping in her closet myself. That’s what made me so excited to work […]

It feels like it has been forever since I have put up a blog post for you all! Forever, to long. After finishing up school and the Holidays showing up right after, I decided to give myself a well deserved break. I wanted to enjoy the Holidays and spend time with the people I love […]

Is this year really coming to an end already? Holy, moly. I ended my photo year on a great note, and with some free time to spare. For December I wanted to make it a priority to spend time getting school work finished, all photos edited, and time to actually buy christmas presents this year. […]

Oh my goodness! So this blog post is a little late, but rather late than never right? Where do I even begin?! If you don’t know what Showit United is, let me explain. It’s an event put together by Showit for professional photographers to come together in one place to learn and grow their business. […]

We met in 6th grade. I will always remember her short hair and that constant smile on her face. We became instant friends. Both obsessed with Good Charlotte, and those picture places at the mall. (p.s. I still have those photos). You got me to like wearing my hair down, btw- thank you for showing […]


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