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It all started one night, a few months back, after a week of not feeling inspired. I stayed up until 2 am trying to figure out what I can do to change the funk I was in. I was tired of feeling stuck and I needed to do something about it. There were just to many days where I spent thinking I wasn’t good enough in this industry, or I’d cry myself to sleep. I’ve always loved Amy + Jordan’s story. Their work inspired me, and all of their Monday Minute emails. (btw if you’re a photographer and you are not subscribed to their Monday Minute do it now!) Every Monday they would send an email about a certain topic that really would help me and my business. But, I felt like I still had way more questions! School was helpful, but just not helpful in the other ways that I want to improve.

That night a few months back I made the decision that I was going to do in person coaching with Amy + Jordan. So, I went on their website and sent them an email right away. Asking about more info to coach with them. A few emails back and forth and the date was set! August 19th was the day! I drove out to Arizona the night before to be ready for a FULL day with them! I couldn’t believe that it was really going to happen. I admire Amy + Jordan so much that I was just still kind of shocked that I was actually going to meet them! (fan girl moment to the max lol)

That morning I met them for breakfast, once I saw them walk into the door I knew that it was going to be a great day. We exchanged smiles and hugs. I was just smiling from ear to ear, still couldn’t believe that I was having breakfast with them!! We spent all day together. Going over a website review, to social media and blogging, plus other stuff in-between. I learned so much, took many, many notes and they even made me their famous cookie butter ice cream! It was soooo good! Mr. Carson + William Wallace (their two cats) were even loving on me all day long. I was there for some exciting deliveries, and they showed me how to use my expo disc the right way! Thank you guys so much for that! All day long I was so focused, taking in everything that I can. The fact that they were so supportive of me and wanted to help me grow was such an awesome feeling. That’s the support that I needed, this was getting me out of that funk I was in! I knew instantly that I made the right decision, and the investment for the coaching experience was all worth it. Whatever questions I had, they answered. And, they did it without any hesitation. They listened to me, encouraged me, guided me on the path to where I should be going next with my business. I feel way more inspired now than I did a few months ago. So thank you Amy + Jordan, I will never forget that day, and I will keep hustling!

xoxo Lianna

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