Emalee and Aj Las Vegas Engagement and Anniversary Photographer


Emalee and AJ!  I freaking adore these two. They told me over and over how they are going to be extremely awkward in front of the camera but I think they were liars because they acted so natural with me and I really got to see the love these two have for each other. When Emalee texted me after relieving her gallery and telling me how these are the most amazing photos she’s ever had of the two of them and how happy she was to have these pictures really made my heart melt. Those are the words you love as a photographer. This is why I do what I do…But this isn’t the first time I photographed Emalee and AJ. I did their engagements a few years back. Boyyyy have I made some major progress since then. Not that my work was terrible, it’s fun to see the progress you make as an artist throughout the years. And the fact that your clients stay with you along the journey is an amazing feeling.


Now I’m going to stop talking because like I mentioned earlier this is the part I suck at. I’m just going to share some of my favorites with you!











Seriously…. I’m obsessed with her hair!!!
























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