Erica + Lleyton


Another year older! Lleyton is 6! I met Lleyton and Erica last year for the first time. I got to photograph him for his 5th birthday! I’m so happy that I got to see them again this year. These two are the cutest mother + son duo I have ever seen. Lleyton really loves his momma and I believe these photos show that very well. Lleyton teaches me so much during our sessions. In such a positive way. I’m thankful that I met these two because I grow a little more as a person and a photographer. I want to thank Lleyton for wanting to play “Simon says” during our session because it was an absolute perfect game to play during our photo shoot. Instead of getting to antsy with me Lleyton’s eyes lit up and was so happy to play the game! I used it to pose him and smile and the genuine smile I got from that was priceless! So thank you Lleyton!! I can’t wait to see you again next year and see how much you have grown again!




















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