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Working with other creatives is something I have been absolutely loving this year. If I didn’t sign up for Shoot and Share last year I don’t really know where I would be at right now. The next day after I signed up there was a Shoot and Share meeting and I got invited last minute to attend! As an introvert I was seriously contemplating wether or not I should go. I think I thought about it all the way up until 6:45 pm and the meeting started at 7! I’m so glad I made the decision to set out of my comfort zone and just go. I thought to myself, “You are never going to meet other photographers in Las Vegas if you don’t go to these meetings you get invited to.” Plus, I had even signed up for Amy and Jordan’s full day of coaching! I was determined to do something different and meet people! I met so many amazing people that night at the Shoot and Share meeting, including Shannon. She was so incredibly welcoming, we even talked for probably about an hour afterwards with other photogs also. Then finally The Rising Tide Tuesdays Together had finally joined Las Vegas! So awesome! Continuing to network and talk to other creatives other than just photographers. I got to know way more people and these boss ladies, and dudes, are so amazing and talented! One meet up Shannon told me that she was getting her new film camera in a week. She had just ordered it and she was so excited to shoot with it. I was excited for her. Plus she is building her new website at the same time with Showit and a design by Go Live HQ! (Same as I did!) So that led us to our next idea and why I am here writing this blog post tonight. Which is a little over due but that’s okay. I’m writing it now. I did Shannon’s portraitsĀ for her awesome new website! With her new baby, (the film camera)! Shannon is seriously one of the sweetest beingsĀ I have ever met. I loved every second of doing these awesome portraits for her. She showed me some new spots and we got to talk about photography and our businesses. Although I still get a little nervous every time I do portraits for other photographers, I love being able to help out other creatives in the industry and build those relationships.




















  1. Jodi

    March 5th, 2016 at 12:29 am

    You and Shannon are just beautiful from the inside out!!! ????????????

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