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Little miss Kenzie Ann was born February 18th 2016. I was hoping she would come on my birthday but you know she didn’t feel like being evicted from her mommy’s belly that day apparently. It’s cool though. She shares a birthday with her cousin! February, you are a popular one. Kenzie is my sweet new little niece! Some of you reading this were probably wondering why I would want someones child to be born on my birthday.. well thats why. So she can share a birthday with the cool aunt.. ūüėČ Kidding, to all of Kenzie’s¬†other aunts who may be reading this too, lol. Kenzie’s room was absolutely perfect for her little lifestyle newborn shoot. The best light in the house, my dream for a photoshoot. I was also really excited because Meigan + Keith have been working hard on getting her room all ready and I finally got to see it finished! Purples and grays……. If you know me you know that is LIFE! My absolute favorite colors. Plus the elephant theme is absolutely adorable.

Anyways, I have been photographing the Choate family before they even officially became “The Choate’s” and now that they are a family of four I’m excited to capture the beautiful moments and watch Kenzie grow. ¬†Mikayla is one amazing big sister and a wonderful helper for her mom. Watching them two together is totally¬†adorable. I love you Choate’s so much, and I hope you all enjoy!























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