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Oh how it’s been a mighty long time since I last logged into this blog of mine. Life really gets in the way, I’m sure I say that in every beginning of a blog post too. But honestly, working a full time job and trying to juggle running a business and having some what of a life is kinda hard. I can’t go anywhere without my planner. I’m super old school and have to write things down and see it written out on a calendar instead of using this smart handy Apple iPhone that I have…why do I pay hundreds for this thing again? Just kidding I will never trade that in for anything else.  I have to make a list everyday and cross things off when they’re finished so I feel like I accomplished something. All I want to do is photograph pretty people all day long, and maybe finish reading another book. So today I’m home knocking out my to do list and finally getting a blog post up without procrastinating to much on it.

Back in January I had the opportunity to put this shoot together with these lovely friends of mine. Jessica and Blaine headed out to the desert with me to explore someplace new and be my lovely models. I have to say I used to HATE this Las Vegas desert. As a photographer I have learned to see the beauty in it and come to love it so much. I used to be jealous of all the photographers who lived in these pretty GREEN places. Now I rather have the desert over anything else. Along with my favorite subjects to shoot! Couples!! I could have stayed all day and night out in the desert with these two.





















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