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When Maggie first emailed me I immediately felt like I connected with her. It was more than just a wedding inquiry this was more like a friendship in the making. Her words were genuine and I knew she wanted her wedding to be something extremely special. Maggie and Sean aren’t from Las Vegas. When she told me the story of how they met I loved them a little bit more, it still felt so new to me and I was excited for them. She¬†was a travel nurse on contract in Honolulu and Sean was a tour pilot also in Honolulu. One of Maggie’s nurse friends was dating one of Sean’s pilot friends, they all had a nurse/pilot night out and Sean’s best friend called dibs on Maggie (they didn’t hit it off but he was still their best friend and Sean’s best man). Sean barely spoke to Maggie – she thought apparently a dibs is a dibs. They saw each other a few weeks later and this time she said he was “allowed” to talk to her (dibs only last one night, who knew – Maggie said). They dated the next few months and then Maggie’s contract ended and she had to move onto the next contract which sent her to Salt Lake City. While she was there she said Sean realized he couldn’t live without her and went to SLC for a couple months while waiting to start his next job. They decided to move to Las Vegas together for his job and a couple months later he proposed! She was worried about getting married in Las Vegas because none of their family members lived out here, it was just them. We had a consultation and I knew she was worried so I tried to strategize ideas with her on what she could do, wether she chose me to be her wedding photographer or not. I wanted to help as a friend. I got the email later that they decided to stay and have their wedding in Vegas, they picked their venue and were wanting to hire me. I was so excited at that moment. Not because they wanted to hire me and I scored an awesome couple. But because I knew that I had helped someone when they need it and didn’t have anyone else to really help them out in a brand new place. Fast forward to their wedding day and all the prettiness came together. All of their family came from out of town, and everyone was genuinely happy for the new married couple! I have to say, one of my favorite moments was when Maggie’s grandfather took a shot with her and her dad’s side of the family. I love these two and I wish them a lifetime of happiness!!






















































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