Portraits on the lake – Lake Harveston – Temecula, CA


It feels like it has been forever since I have put up a blog post for you all! Forever, to long. After finishing up school and the Holidays showing up right after, I decided to give myself a well deserved break. I wanted to enjoy the Holidays and spend time with the people I love the most. So thats exactly what I did! Sometimes you just have to say no to working for a bit. 😉

But… I couldn’t say no for too long!


I took a week off the first week in January to go visit with my family in Temecula, CA. I absolutely love it out there! Of course thats where I’m from, I will always love it there. It just get more and more beautiful the more I go and visit.

Anyways, during the time I had given myself off, I couldn’t just not pick up my camera and take pictures. I was seriously feeling like an addict that needed to get her fix… I needed to pick up the camera again and have someone in front of my lens!

My gorgeous friend pictured below, KC, is a Las Vegas native who now lives in California! She contacted me before my trip out to Temecula, CA and wanted to do a shoot. Hallelujah!!!! Someone is finally going to be in front of my lens and I get to make some art. I’m about to get my fix. We had one small problem. Rain was in the forecast all week long while I would be visiting. While that put a damper on my plans I was still really determined for us to get these done! I left Monday morning and was on my way, I couldn’t wait to see my niece, brother and sister in law! On the road I noticed that there wasn’t very many rain clouds…yet. So I called KC and asked if she would be willing to meet me in Temecula right as I got into town…. Now since she is one of my best friends, making last minute decisions is kind of something we always do! LOL! She was game! Boy did we make one amazing last minute decision because we beat the rain and got some awesome pictures!!


We decided to go to Lake Harveston in Temecula, CA! Such a super cute community. All of the water, the ducks, and the adorable houses! I was in love with the area. Made me feel like I was in an adorable east coast city like Virginia. Although, I have never been to the east coast I have only seen it in pictures! (It’s on my bucket list for sure!)


I just can’t stay away from my camera for to long, all of the waiting called for some awesome magic in these images! So excited! Enjoy!!




























KC even got to snap a photo of me! 😉 Sometimes the photographer needs their photo taken as well!



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