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Oh my goodness! So this blog post is a little late, but rather late than never right? Where do I even begin?! If you don’t know what Showit United is, let me explain. It’s an event put together by Showit for professional photographers to come together in one place to learn and grow their business. Showit is a website building platform that offers drag and drop creative freedom. It’s amazing!!
I was hesitant about attending the event in Arizona because it fell on a Sunday-Tuesday, which meant I would have to miss school. Skipping school may sound like the thing to do (really, who likes school?) but when you’re a photography student with 3 classes that require a lot of dedication, it may not be the easiest decision to skip those classes. But, I got all my assignments done early and I made the commitment to go to Showit United for he first time!
I really wanted to learn from some of my favorites in the business. All the stories I hear about it from other photographers made me super excited about attending and I knew it wouldn’t be a waste of money at all. It absolutely wasn’t!!

After my Senior Session for my best friend in Flagstaff, AZ (see the blog post here), we made the drive down to Scottsdale just in time for registration. My mom came along for the trip and hangout with me all weekend at the hotel when I wasn’t at the event. She even enjoyed cocktail hour at the pool party (which turned into an inside cocktail hour because of the rain) with me and some new friends we made.

I went all the way to Showit United from Las Vegas not knowing anyone really!!! Yeah, this introvert decided to go to an event with a couple¬†hundred people who she didn’t know! That’s a lot for me. I made some incredible photography friends while I was there and they have been great encouragers since the event!

Mary Marantz’ speech Monday morning was so incredibly powerful! There was barely a dry eye in the room. I’m so excited that I got to listen to her speak, it was the first to hear her and many others and I was incredibly thrilled and inspired. She reminded us all that “we are enough”, and to stop letting that phrase hold us back from going after our dreams. When she speaks, she speaks right to your heart, you can relate on so many levels.

It was also my first time hearing Katelyn James speaking live! Her talk about consistency in your business got me super fired up and inspired for consistency in my own business! When she shared her story about consistency in her business you can’t help but stay inspired! Seriously, if there’s anyone else to learn from it’s her! She has a great plan for what she does. She is pretty much Wonder Woman of photography land.

As apart of Showit United I also attended Hope Taylor’s Senior Styled Shoot! Guys, she is the sweetest thing! I’ve been obsessed with her Senior work for a while now and being able to see first hand what she does was so neat. The girls were so sweet to work with, thank you¬†Breanna, Cacie, Jasmine + Alexis! Thank you Hope for making the shoot so great and putting so much work into it for all of us attendees!! Here are some of the images from the styled shoot! Enjoy!

















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