The Balestracci Family | Temecula CA


Ahh! I got the pleasure of photographing my brothers family in Temecula, CA! Taking the trip back to where I’m from to do what I love to do most was a blast! Of course spending time with them for a weekend and my sweet niece was way overdue. I had a blast taking their pictures. In honor of Father’s Day I held off from posting this blog post so I can give my brother a very special Happy Father’s Day shout out! Love you bro!

HR9A9510HR9A9551HR9A9578HR9A9583HR9A9599Isn’t she the cutest?

HR9A9650HR9A9653HR9A9664HR9A9677HR9A9693HR9A9696HR9A9701HR9A9707Momma + baby, I love this shot.
HR9A9714This one as well….so precious.




Seriously, so cute!HR9A9789

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there!

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