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When Sardis first contact me to tell me she was getting married I was so excited! Not just because that meant I had a photo inquiry in my mailbox, it’s because I have known Sardis basically my whole life. To be honest I never thought she would be getting married. And,  no I don’t mean it like that, Sardis has always been the girl on an adventure, traveling and schooling has always basically been her thing. I don’t think I have ever met a boyfriend of hers… maybe one? I don’t know? It’s usually years before I see her again so I basically have to Facebook stalk her life story to see what she’s been up to. Just kidding, I’ll just ask my mom, lol.  I was also excited because I have never done photos for Sardis ever and she would be a fresh new face in front of my lens. Plus this means that I get to see her, and of course meet Kris!  This is also the first time I have ever been to the Las Vegas Neon Museum! Super excited about that one, I just knew that this was going to be a great session.

One of my favorite things is to photograph a couples love story. I’m glad I got to be the one to capture Sardis + Kris’ love story for them before their big day! You can feel how much they love each other just by looking at these images! Congratulations to the both of you. You both rocked these photos!







































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