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Oh how I adore these two so so much! Valarie & Patrick have been close friends of mine for a long time now and I was honored to be the one to capture their special day. I have been photographing their little families moments every year ever since I met them. They moved out to Austin, Texas just a couple years ago to start a new life all over in a different state. While I do miss them not being close to me anymore here in Las Vegas, they flew me out to do their engagement pictures and their wedding! While I am not a fan of humidity, and couldn’t believe that it was so humid and hot in October still, I thought Texas was still beautiful. Never have been there before I am thankful for them allowing me to be their photographer still in a different state!

And, their wedding…. Oh what a beautiful day it was in December. With it snowing just the day before, we definitely had some excitement for this day.

You can read more about their wedding that has been featured on 7 Centerpieces

A Texas Wedding Blog!

Check it out and enjoy the pictures below!




































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