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3 Reasons Why Fine Art Wedding Photography is the Perfect Choice for Your Big Day


April 12, 2019

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Choosing a fine art photographer may be the perfect choice for your wedding day. Especially if you love timeless romance, raw emotion or artistic sophistication. That’s because fine art wedding photos capture the delicacies of authentic interactions all while telling your love story for years to come. So, here’s our top 3 reasons why you should choose fine art wedding photography for your big day.

1. Fine art wedding photography creates more than just wedding photos

Many people consider photography an art form; a fine art photographer uses a camera much like an artist uses a paint brush. As a result, they can create a work of art. Don’t keen these images hidden away on a USB stick; these photos are destined to be framed on walls for many years to come. Furthermore, you’ll be able decorate your home with one-of-a-kind pieces of art that feature you and your partner on a very special day. The only problem is choosing just which images to frame and hang! Alternatively, high quality photo books can be a stunning way to tell the story of your wedding day. These make wonderful gifts for your bridal party too.

These pieces of art become much-loved family heirlooms that you can pass down to the next generation as a legacy to the family that you create together.

2. Capture all the emotion of your wedding day with fine art photography

Unlike other styles of photography which simply document an event or occasion, fine art wedding photography captures all the emotion. That’s because manual focusing and exposure can alter the mood of an image. Additionally, fine art wedding photographers are skilled in identifying exactly what story you would like to tell. They do this by guiding you when posing (no awkward hands or fixed smiles!) and ensuring that the composition draws the eye exactly where it should be. As a result, the viewer often feels emotionally moved when they see these photos-the love, joy and happiness is shared long after the wedding day is over.

Experimenting with perspectives can also be a game changer-the only limitation is the creativity of your photographer.

3. Fine art photographers have an eye for detail

Each photographer is different; what they notice, the way they story-tell, how they shape an image to reflect an emotion. These quirks are all developed with time and experience. In my own experience, I have found fine art wedding photographers to have a particularly developed eye for detail. Consequently, they tend to see beauty in unexpected places and have the ability to emphasis a subtle look that may otherwise be missed in the blink of an eye.

This eye for detail makes fine art photography ideal for a wedding day. That’s because wedding photography requires the photographer to capture many faces and moments without stealing the spotlight from the stars of the show. Spotting an opportunity for a beautiful photo and snapping away it is a strength that fine art photographers will use throughout the day. This ensures that every moment, every guest, each smile or tear of joy is immortalised forevermore.

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Choosing the style that fits your relationship and personality is something that requires thought and research. So, if fine art wedding photography seems like your perfect match, then I would love to talk with you about your big day. Please contact me via the contact page or take a look at my portfolio here

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The Wedding timeline

Download our free wedding day sample timeline!