Want to Know Why Engagements and Weddings in Vegas Are so Popular? It’s All About the Las Vegas Photography!


When you think of weddings in Vegas, you may think of a chapel ceremony followed by a photoshoot with all the dazzling lights of The Strip. But visitors are often surprised by the abundance of natural beauty close byso . These natural settings make photography in Las Vegas uniquely varied and personalised.

 A scenic outdoor photo shoot to celebrate your engagement ensures the most beautiful photography Las Vegas has to offer. So, here are some of the most stunning natural locations that will guarantee that your engagement shoot gets you warmed up for the magic of your big day.

Mount Charleston

An easy 35-mile drive from Las Vegas and sitting within the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area, Mount Charleston provides a picturesque setting for any photo shoot. Furthermore, it offers over 150 picnic spots to choose from and with the peak itself being snow capped at least 6 months out of every year, this location offers a stunning backdrop.

The White Firs, Quaking Aspens and abundance of wildflowers all bring magic to this natural wonderland. Shhhh…if you’re quiet you may even have an elk, fox or deer join you in your photos.  

This setting is the perfect warm up to all kinds of weddings in Vegas.

Springs Preserve

Want to stay in the heart of Las Vegas for your photo shoot but dreaming of being in natural surrounds? Then Springs Preserve is your perfect setting! In fact, the botanic gardens, archaeological sites or the butterfly habitat may just create images as unique as you are.  

Thought weddings in Vegas had to involve the Strip? Think again! Springs Preserve also offers indoor or outdoor options for weddings. Therefore, it is a must-see if you have a rustic, earthy theme planned for your big day. Additionally, it offers the added bonus of providing everything you need in the one location.

Red Rock

If you want something that is unmistakably Las Vegas, photography in Red Rock is going to make you fall in love all over again. The towering red stone peaks and seasonal waterfalls are the highlights of this natural wonder. Plus, the 13-mile scenic drive offers panoramic view points-perfect for capturing those spontaneous roadside kisses.

Feeling adventurous? Red Rock is also ideal for horseback riding, rock climbing and hiking for the adventurous couple who want their photos to really reflect their personalities! So keep this location up your sleeve for anniversary or family photoshoots too.

Spring Mountain Ranch

Fancy a desert setting with Yuccas, wildflowers and perhaps a coyote or two? Well, we cannot promise you the latter but if you love the idea of sandstone cabins with authentic, original wagon wheels then Spring Mountain Ranch may just be the perfect place for your engagement photo shoot. Add in the lush green grass, breathtaking rivers and an 8 thousand-year-old history just 20 minutes from busy downtown Las Vegas and you’ll understand why we love this setting.

Eldorado Dry Lake Bed

Endless horizons, barren beauty and expanses of cracked earth covering impossibly wide stretches of landscape. The Eldorado Dry Lake Bed has to be seen to be believed. So, if you want your photos to be like nothing on earth, then this is the location for you. Moreover, the dry lake bed offers panoramic views of sky and earth that places you and your partner centre stage with unfiltered sunlight. As a result, this setting offers a unique contrast between a sparse background and the wildly romantic intimacy of the newly engaged couple.

Las Vegas Photography

Outdoor photoshoots use natural light, gorgeous surrounds and the love between you and your partner to create unique pieces of art for you to enjoy for many years to come.

Now that we have your engagement shoot sorted, it’s time to plan your wedding! If you are organising a destination wedding, then our post on tips to make your day as wonderful as you have always dreamed is a must-read! Take a look here: https://liannamarieblog.com/destination-wedding-photographer-tips/

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