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5 Tips From a Destination Wedding Photographer That all Brides Should Hear


April 12, 2019

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Choosing to have a destination wedding can be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. A holiday with all your closest friends and family while you marry your true love? Sounds perfect! As a destination wedding photographer, I have been lucky enough to experience all the highs of a destination wedding. Here’s 5 tips from a destination wedding photographer to ensure that your day is everything you have ever dreamed of:

Destination wedding photographer rule 1: Invite friends and family early

Want all your nearest and dearest to join you at your destination wedding? Then be sure to give them plenty of time to organise time off and budget for flights and accommodation. Firstly, send our pre-invites with a little reminder to save the date plus details of the wedding day. Secondly, be sure to include accommodation suggestions to make it simpler for your friends and family to attend. And most importantly, if you have your heart set on a particular group for the bridal party, give them as much notice as possible that you would love them to be part of your wedding day.  

Rule 2. Buffer time for jet lag

Depending on how many time zones you’ll be crossing to get to your destination, jet lag may be a factor. And, it can take longer than you think to get over your jet lag! As a result, symptoms can include things such as mood swings and difficulty functioning, both of which are the last thing you need at your wedding. So build in a margin around your arrival date and your wedding date to ensure that by the time the main event arrives, you are feeling refreshed and energetic. Additionally, if you are travelling with children, double this margin as we all know that when kids have jetlag, the whole family suffers!

Rule 3. Honeymoon away from the wedding venue or you’ll spend it with your guests

This may be one of my top tips. The wedding day is all about celebrating with friends and family however the honeymoon is all about starting your lives together as a married couple. So unless you want to be spending time with those guests that have booked extra vacation time at your wedding destination, research alternative honeymoon locations. Rest assured that a day or two after the wedding is more than enough to catch up with your friends and family before enjoying some quality time alone.  

Rule 4. Have a back up plan for when the unexpected happens

The reality is, sometimes things do go wrong…even in paradise! Bad weather, suppliers not delivering or missed flights can make your dream day feel more like a nightmare. So develop a contingency plan with your partner and the venue so that if disaster strikes, you’ll already know what to do. In fact, if you keep in mind that the most important thing is that you are marrying your soul mate, even if you do so underneath umbrellas you’ll still have a smile on your face!  

Rule 5. Include local icons or landmarks in your photos for lasting memories

Being a destination wedding photographer has given me a keen eye for finding subtle or striking landmarks to include in wedding photos. This may be a hint of palm tree to suggest the tropics. Alternatively it may be a bold statement such as The Grand Canyon yawning behind the bride and groom. Consequently, it’s a good idea to chat to your destination wedding photographer about what you envision for your photos. Be sure to include any must-have landmarks or other items on your wish list to create memories that will last a lifetime.

The intricacies of planning a destination wedding can feel a little overwhelming. All the planning will be worth it though when you marry your partner in a gorgeous location surrounded by family and friends.

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The Wedding timeline

Download our free wedding day sample timeline!