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Why Choosing Your Nevada Wedding Photographer Should Be The First Thing on Your Wedding To-Do List


April 12, 2019

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You’ve met the love of your life, said yes to their proposal and even made a mental list of who will make up your bridal party. Next up is choosing the wedding date and dress, right? No! This is because unless you have your heart set on a particular date for sentimental reasons, it is worth waiting until you have booked the essentials before setting the date. And one of the most important elements? Booking the Nevada wedding photographer of your choice.

When should I book my Nevada wedding photographer?

On average, couples book their Nevada wedding photographer anywhere from 6 to 13 months before their wedding date. However, it is not uncommon for wedding photographers in Nevada to be booked out a year or two in advance during wedding season. This is because most photographers will block out an entire 8-hour day to document your celebration, there are only so many weddings they can fit in to their schedule. So, if possible, select a range of dates to work from so that you get the photographer, venue and entertainment of your dreams.

What does the booking process for engaging a Nevada Wedding photographer look like?

You know the drill when it comes to choosing to commit to someone…you are getting married after all! And when it comes to committing to a wedding photographer, putting thought, time and energy in to the process will pay off in the long run too.

Step one

Make your initial enquiry. This gives you the chance to make sure the date is available and to give your potential wedding photographer an idea of the style you are aiming for. Additionally, they can let you know if they have worked at your venue before and if so, provide you with samples of their work to help shape your own photographs.

Step two

Meeting with your photographer. This may be over the phone, via Skype or in person. Think of this step as a two-way interview and your opportunity to ask all those logistical questions. Furthermore, when you meet your photographer you have a chance to establish rapport and make sure that you are able to communicate your ideas clearly and easily. They are going to be a big part of your big day so having a friendly relationship is a must.

Step three

Taking a look at the finer details: request a service proposal. This may happen at the end of your meeting or once you have slept on it-just remember that most photographers cannot book and confirm a date for you until a deposit has been paid. A verbal agreement is not usually enough.

Once the contract is signed, it is time for the fun part! Planning all the elements of your photo shoot. Your photographer will develop a time line for the day to ensure that all the essentials are captured.

How long does the editing process take?

The time taken to edit your wedding photographs will depend on a few factors; how many images are being edited, the time of year your wedding takes place and the skill and experience of your photographer. As a guideline though, your wedding photos will most likely be delivered to you in the form of an online gallery between 6-9 weeks after your wedding day. Reliving your special day will be worth the wait!

Selecting the right photographer for your wedding day can seem like a daunting task. Take a look at our quick and easy guide to choosing a wedding photographer here:

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The Wedding timeline

Download our free wedding day sample timeline!